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What is CLASS?

CLASS stands for Confidence-based Learning Accuracy Support System. Watch the video below to see what CLASS is all about.

Confidence Collection

CLASS asks you to make judgements of your confidence in your responses and to generate detailed and instant feedback regarding your abilities.

Make Predictions

Before and after CLASS quizzes, you are asked to predict your performance; first based on just the quiz learning objectives, and then after having taken the quiz. How accurate are your perceptions?

Instructor Generated

Quizzes in CLASS are generated by instructors and tied to specific learning objectives, allowing you to accurately assess your progress.

Close Your "Gap"

CLASS provides you and your instructor with information regarding any gaps between your perceptions and your abilities - practice and become more accurate!

CLASS For Students

For students, CLASS is a quizzing website that uses your confidence in your answers to communicate important information regarding your learning behaviors which help you guide your studying.

Monitor Performance

Results from CLASS quizzes allow you to gauge your performance in a course or topic.

Isolate Topics

Results by learning objective allow for focused feedback regarding your abilities.

Improve Accuracy

Feedback regarding the accuracy of your perceptions can help you better monitor your learning.

Dynamic Quizzing

Coming to CLASS this summer, students will be able to dynamically generate a quiz based on selected learning objectives or other metrics, such as most frequently missed questions.

CLASS For Educators

For instructors, CLASS can provide novel information regarding your students learning from confidence measures taken during quizzes.

Isolate Misconceptions

High disparities between students' confidence and performance can highlight problematic topic areas.

Inform Instruction

Real-time student data provides opportunities for targeted instructional interventions.

Identify Behaviors

Visualizations allow for identification and characterization of student learning processes - are they over/under-confident?

Improve Student Performance

Providing students more than just performance feedback can provide a valuable instrument for change through more focused studying.

Fun Facts

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1 Learning Objectives Defined

Student Testimonies

We have been using CLASS in college-level introductory geology courses for the past 2 years. We reached out to students for feedback and here is some of what they have said about how CLASS helped them in the course.

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